cola — combined lambda/object architecture

cola (aka Idst, Jolt, the SODA languages, &c.) is an ongoing project to create a springboard for investigating new computing paradigms. Everything in it is late-bound, the intention being that any paradigm (existing or yet to be invented, formal complexity notwithstanding) be easily and efficiently mapped to it and made available to the user. It is a small part (the implementation vehicle) of the reinventing computing project.

The system is slowly evolving towards version 1.0 which

The source code is hosted in a Subversion repository. To obtain the latest version:
svn co idst
Otherwise you might prefer to:

Download a recent snapshot of the source code: idst-20070918.tar.gz
Browse a recent snapshot of the source code: idst-20070918
There is some (often slightly stale, or at the very least incomplete) documentation available for: There is a mailing list for the insatiably curious.

idst (cola, whatever you want to call it) is distributed under the MIT license. You will not be infected with a contagious disease if you decide to use any part (or all) of it for your own purposes.

As you might have guessed, we're not happy with the name yet. If you have (polite and/or humorous) suggestions, send them to Ian at this website's domain name.