liboop — simple, Smalltalk-like library for C++

liboop is a handful of Smalltalk-like classes for C++. Anyone familiar with Smalltalk should instantly recognise the class names and protocols they implement.

There is no documentation, just an example program '' that runs various tests. To use it you will need Hans Boehm's conservative garbage collector installed. (On Debian systems it's called 'libgc-dev'.) If you add a method with a new name to any class then you must extend the file 'oop-methods.h' accordingly.

Download the source code: liboop-1.0.tar.gz
Browse the source code: liboop-1.0
liboop is distributed under the MIT license. It will not infect your project with a contagious disease if you decide to use and/or modify it.

If you fix any bugs, please send your fixes to Ian Piumarta by email at 'first-name at last-name dot com'. Thanks (and good luck)!