libw32dl — dlopen and friends for mingw32

libw32dl is (yet another) emulation of the POSIX dlopen, dlsym, dlerror and dlclose functions for mingw32. Compared to other emulations, this one
[Note 1]
The thing that infuriated me into writing this library was that 'nm' showed printf as a defined, exported symbol in my main.exe file but GetProcAdddress(GetModuleHandle(0), "printf") could not be persuaded to find it. Grrrr.

There is no documentation, just the notes below and an example program in the 'test' directory (type 'make test' in the top-level directory to run it).

Download the source code: libw32dl-1.0.tar.gz
Browse the source code: libw32dl-1.0

Using the library

First compile the library: type 'make'.

For the main executable:

For each shared object: This has all been tested under mingw32 with GCC 3.4.4. However, it was written in a hurry to satisfy an immediate need and so bugs may be lurking.

libw32dl is distributed under the MIT license. It will not infect your project with a contagious disease if you decide to use and/or modify it.

If you fix any bugs, please send your fixes to Ian Piumarta by email at 'first-name at last-name dot com'. Thanks!