tty2html — convert ASCII with overstrike into HTML

tty2html reads standard input filtering out backspaces and overstruck characters, translating them into HTML tags describing the bold and underlined characters that would be produced on a teletype or terminal. Tab characters are expanded to the appropriate number of spaces, and HTML meta characters (`"', `&', `<' and `>') are converted into named entities. The result is written to standard output.

Download the source code: tty2html-1.1.tar.gz
Browse the source code: tty2html-1.1
Read the manual page: tty2html.1.html
The manual page linked above was created with the command:
tty2html -p -d'tty2html(1)' > tty2html.1.html
tty2html is distributed under the MIT license. It will not infect your project with a contagious disease if you decide to modify it for your own use.

If you find bugs or have suggestions, please send them to Ian at the domain name of this web site. Thanks!

Version history

2013-08-18 tty2html-1.1
Increase input buffer size to allow for backspaces in lines that are less than 132 output characters.
2007-08-30 tty2html-1.0
First release.