TTY2HTML(1)               BSD General Commands Manual              TTY2HTML(1)

     tty2html - filter nroff output for inclusion in an HTML document

     tty2html [-dtitle] [-n] [-i] [-p] [-s]

     tty2html reads standard input filtering out backspaces and overstruck
     characters, translating them into HTML tags describing the bold and
     underlined characters that would be produced on a teletype or terminal.
     Tab characters are expanded to the appropriate number of spaces, and HTML
     meta characters (`"', `&', `<' and `>') are converted into named enti-
     ties.  The result is written to standard output.

     The following options are available:

             generate a complete HTML document, with the given title.

     -i      generate italicised text in place of underlined text.

     -n      translate space characters into non-breakable spaces (`&nbsp;').

     -p      generate preformatted output enclosed in a <PRE> ... </PRE> pair.

     -s      generate output suitable for use with a style sheet.  Bold text
             is placed in a SPAN of class `b', and italic text in a SPAN of
             class `i'.  The entire output is enclosed in a DIV of class

     The command

           man echo | tty2html -p > echo.html

     writes preformatted HTML to the file echo.html containing a verbatim ren-
     dering of the the manual page for echo(1).  The command

           man echo | tty2html -p -s > echo.html

     generates text that will look identical when included in a page whose
     style specifies

           span.b { font-weight: bold; }
           span.i { text-decoration: underline; }

     or equivalent.  The command

           man echo | tty2html -p -d'manpage - echo(1)' > echo.html

     writes a complete HTML document to echo.html entitled `manpage -

     If a meaningless sequence of overstrike characters is encountered (such
     as a pair of differing characters, neither of which is an underscore)
     then tty2html prints

           Overstrike XX YY?

     on standard error (where XX and YY are the offending characters in hex-
     adecimal) before continuing.  (When such a pair is printed on a real
     teletype, the resulting character will often appear somewhat over-

     col(1), colcrt(1), expand(1), nroff(1), ul(1)

     tty2html was written in utter disgust minutes after the author looked at
     the output of `groff -mdoc -Thtml'.

     tty2html and its manual page were written by Ian Piumarta.

     The software is provided as-is, with absolutely no warranty, in the hope
     that you will enjoy and benefit from it.  You may use (entirely at your
     own risk) and redistribute it under the terms of a very liberal license
     that does not seek to restrict your rights in any way (unlike a certain
     immensely popular license that significantly limits your freedom in the
     name of 'free' software that is, ultimately, anything but free).  See the
     file COPYING for details.

     o   Options must appear one at a time.

     o   Bulleted lists generate gratuitous `Overstrike 2B 6F?' diagnostics.
         (There is no HTML entity depicting an `o' colliding with a `+'.)

     o   Output lines are silently truncated at 132 characters.  This is, of
         course, to maintain perfect compatibility with colcrt(1).

     o   `Overstruck' isn't a real word.

     Please send bug reports to the author at: firstName (at) lastName (dot)
     com.  (See AUTHORS above for suitable values of firstName and lastName.)

BSD                            November 2, 2005                            BSD